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Soothe Pregnancy Pain With 5 Spas For Prenatal Massage In Denver

Pregnancy is often accompanied by aches and pains as the weeks go on. Prenatal massage is one way to combat those common complaints. As a Denver maternity photographer, I know how important prenatal massage is to my clients. I recommend these high-quality massage studios for prenatal massage in Denver

Find Relief At These 5 Spas Offering a Denver Prenatal Massage

Belly Bliss

300 Josephine Street, Denver, CO 80206

Belly Bliss in Denver offers a prenatal massage that is meant for more than just relaxing. These appointments have profound effects on pregnant women, helping them deal with common pregnancy complaints and pains. These sessions are offered in 60 or 90-minute appointments, with cushions available to safely support the woman whether she wants to have the appointment face down, side lying, or prone position. 

Newborn baby sleeping peacefully on gray blanket thanks to a Denver prenatal massage.

White Lotus Therapeutics

3456 Tejon Street, Denver, CO 80211

White Lotus Therapeutics is dedicated to empowerment and balance, blending Eastern and Western therapeutic ideals within a treatment model that incorporates every aspect of life. Their Denver prenatal massage is important for stress relief, soothing pain, and balancing the body. Massage appointments are tailored to each client’s unique needs and focus on improving range of motion, countering daily stressors, and softening tissue that restricts the body’s natural movement. Prenatal massage is available in 60, 90, or 120-minute sessions. 

Renew Massage Studio

765 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209

Renew Massage Studio provides full-body treatment for expecting moms while adapting sessions to each client’s specific postural needs and contraindications. As the pregnancy progresses, the demands on a woman’s muscles and joints change. Prenatal massage is a way of addressing this shift and bringing relief to the body. Regular prenatal massage can help pregnant women deal with the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. As the pregnancy goes on, the massage therapist uses various pillows, bolsters, and levered tables to make sure the client stays comfortable. Prenatal massage appointments are available in 60, 75, and 90-minute sessions. 

Zen’d Out Massage Spa

1143 Auraria Parkway, Suite 203B, Denver, CO 80204

Looking for the best place to get a prenatal massage in downtown Denver? Be sure to check out Zen’d Out Massage Spa, where clients can enjoy rest and relaxation during quality prenatal massage appointments. Pregnancy is nine months of major changes in a woman’s body and often comes with discomfort and even pain. Prenatal massage can help alleviate some of that pain while helping moms-to-be experience some much-needed self-care. Zen’d Out also offers couples prenatal massage, with a one-of-a-kind couples massage experience performed exclusively by a female massage therapist certified in prenatal care. These sessions help moms and their partners relax and experience pregnancy to the fullest.

A toddler boy with no shirt hugs onto his newborn baby sibling while laying on a grey shag blanket after mom had a Denver prenatal massage

Wayfare Wellness

4101 E. Louisiana Ave, Suite 508, Denver, CO 80246

Pregnancy is when the body goes through several major changes, from an expanding belly to a shifting center of gravity. Growing a human is hard work! Wayfare Wellness supports women as they go through this journey through prenatal massage sessions that help alleviate tension in the back, neck, shoulders, and pelvis. Sarah Monreal, a massage therapist at Wayfare Wellness, is fully trained in prenatal massage and knows how to address body parts often impacted by pregnancy pain. Prenatal massage appointments at Wayfare Wellness have the client lay on their side during the appointment, with pillows that accommodate the most comfortable position. 

You Will Love The Benefits Of A Denver Prenatal Massage

As a Denver-based maternity photographer, I know how common it is to experience pain and discomfort as the pregnancy progresses and the woman’s body undergoes major changes. That’s why I recommend these studios for a Denver prenatal massage. So my clients can receive high-quality, comfortable, safe massage therapy that is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. 

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