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Becoming a parent is a wonderful—and often overwhelming!—experience. There's so much to learn, and you'll likely find yourself googling all kinds of things as you figure out how to take care of your little one.

I know how challenging it can be to enter the world of parenthood, which is why I've put together some resources to help first-time parents out. I'll continue to update this page as I add more helpful tips and tricks, so be sure to check back for more! And feel free to contact me if you're interested in one of my newborn photo sessions.

Strategies for Sleep

One of the biggest battles for every new parent is getting their baby on a sleep schedule. While it will take time and patience (and lots of sleepless nights), there are some ways you can make sure your newborn learns how to sleep.

Baby photo of little boy dressed in black and gray stripes with a sleep hat
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Baby's Developmental Milestones

Part of the joy of parenthood is watching your child grow. Babies change so fast, it can be hard to keep track! This list of developmental milestones can give you an idea of what skills your child should be learning throughout their first year.

Understanding Your Baby's Temperament

Every baby is different, and understanding your child's temperament can help you better understand their needs and reactions.

Baby photo of newborn girl swaddled up in purple wearing a purple angora bear hat
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Top Tips for New Parents

First-time parenthood can come with a lot of pressure. That's why we put together these tips to help you go a little easier on yourself as you learn and grow with your newborn.


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