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What Is Newborn Photography?

The birth of your child, whether your first or fourth, is an incredible moment in any parent’s life and one that deserves to be captured. Babies grow and change so quickly, you may be surprised how quickly your little one becomes a toddler—and barely resembles the sleepy newborn you held in your arms those first few weeks of their life.

The goal of newborn photography is to capture those precious early moments in your baby's life and provide parents with images that they can look back on and cherish as their child grows.

Why Is Newborn Photography Important?

I’ve never heard anyone say, “I wish I didn’t have these photos,” but I’ve heard tons of parents say, “I wish I’d taken more photos.” We never regret capturing memories. What we regret is the memories we let pass without trying to hang onto them.

Our memories fade with time, and the power of photography is it allows us to freeze the little moments that are so special to us and look back on them for years to come. Photos serve as a reminder of the life we’ve lived and the love we’ve shared. While you may regret skipping out on newborn photos, I promise you’ll never regret having those images.

The Newborn Photography Experience



Thru email we will discuss how to prepare for your newborn photography session, as well as what to bring and what to wear.

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Photo Session

I will gently and carefully guide your newborn into adorable poses and capture photos you are sure to love!

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Once your images are ready, you will be able to choose what prints and products you want to order.  

Newborn & Baby Session FAQ

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Your newborn photo shoot is best scheduled before your new baby arrives to be sure there is availability and that your precious little girl or boy gets in the studio in the first three weeks of their life. Once I receive your session fee, I will then book your due date on my calendar, knowing that your newborn can be born earlier or later than expected. I never book every single day of my week to be sure to get all my newborns on my calendar and to provide the highest customer service I can to my clients.

Once your little one has arrived, I ask parents to email or call me as soon as possible so we can get your actual newborn photo shoot date scheduled within the three-week window. Babies grow and change fast, and we don't want to miss our opportunity for some precious newborn photos!

Yes! Newborns change so quickly and are exhausted after being born and experiencing all the new changes of their first days of life, making it the perfect time to get those curled up, sweet poses. After three weeks, newborns become much more alert and begin to have more awake times, making it much harder to get those adorable sleepy photos.

My favorite days to photograph newborns are in the first two weeks of their lives, between days 6 and 12. However, if your baby is older than three weeks, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me. There is never a bad time to photograph your little ones! I have been doing newborn photo shoots for a long time, and I am comfortable going beyond three weeks if needed. My goal is to make sure parents get the photos they want of their baby and their growing family, regardless of your newborn's age.

I offer three different types of newborn photo shoots. One is a Full session that includes additional family members and siblings, if desired, and a Lite Session which if for baby only and a Wrapped Session for baby only which is wrapped/swaddled images only of baby. In order to book the Full session, Lite session or Wrapped Session, there is a fee of $200 due immediately to book your due date or session on my calendar.

The Full Session, $750 and above is for the baby and includes immediate family members and siblings if desired. No fur babies, please! I am really good with newborns but have learned not so much with the family pets. During the Full newborn session, you will have 2.5-3 hours of photography and 30-40 images from which you can make your final selections for purchase.

Once your images have been processed and edited, the images will then be provided to you for viewing through a password-protected online gallery where you will be able to make your final selections. You can even share your online gallery with your friends and family members! Digital Collections (our most popular option) start at $550 and go up to $950. I also offer several print products and Print Collections for those wanting products.

The Lite Session is $650 and is for the baby only, fewer poses than the full session and no additional family members or siblings. This newborn photo shoot includes 1.5-2 hours of photography and 8 high-resolution digital images, plus black-and-white versions of those 8 chosen images delivered via digital download.

Once your images have been edited and processed, 2-3 weeks from your session date,  you will be provided with a password-protected online gallery of 15-20 photos from which you can then make your final selections. This gallery can be shared with friends and family as well. Additional images will be available for purchase at an additional charge per image. Your $200 session fee is due immediately to book your due date for this session, and the remainder of $450 is due the day before your actual session date.

The Wrapped Session is $550 for baby only, and wrapped/swaddled for the entire session no naked bag/table poses. This session includes 1-1.5 hours of photography and 6 high-resolution digital images, plus black-and-white versions of those 6 chosen images delivered via digital download.  2-3 weeks after your session you will receive a gallery link with 10-15 images to choose your 6 images from.  Additional images available for purchase.  Wrapped sessions will include one prop, one flokati (images of what looks like baby on a cloud of color) and one wrapped bag/table pose.

All sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday with a start window time of 9:00-9:30 a.m. at my newborn studio, which is located at 1550 S. Acoma St., Denver, CO 80223.

YES! This is entirely up to you and is personal preference but yes I most certainly take photos of family and siblings! In order to include immediate family and siblings, you do need to book a Full session because these types of images are not included in the Mini Session.

What you choose to wear for your newborn photo shoot depends on the look that you would like for your images. If you are looking for a very classic, traditional look, then I suggest wearing solid black or gray short sleeve tops and jeans. For women, I recommend solid black maxi, halter, or spaghetti strap style dresses. Now, if you want something a little different from the traditional look, I personally love colors for family photos as well and even a little pattern thrown in there to brighten things up! Either way, I love men in jeans and women in dresses (that show a little skin on the shoulder and arms) for family photos with newborns.

I supply all the props for your newborn photo shoot! I have an enormous amount of newborn hats, headbands, blankets, backgrounds, furs, baskets, crates, etc. Some might actually say I have a bit of a newborn shopping problem! All of my props are specifically made to fit newborns in the first three weeks of life. If you have something personal that you would like to incorporate in your images, such as a family heirloom, please feel free to let me know.

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