Newborn baby sleeping naked on a dark, soft surface with eyes closed and head resting on its hands. The baby has light skin and fine, light hair and is curled up on its side in a peaceful pose. Moments like these are cherished birth experiences for mothers, often supported by caring Denver doulas. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

5 Denver Doulas Empowering Birth Experiences For Mothers

Doulas provide emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth that can enable families to have positive, empowering birth experiences. Doulas provide support and education throughout the entire process, facilitating communication between their clients and their regular physicians. These Denver doulas serve families with a variety of services that can help them have a positive start to their parenting journey. 

Find Your Birth Advocate With These Denver Doulas

Doulas of Denver

Serving Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Centennial, Cherry Creek, Glendale, Lowry, Morrison, Lone Tree, Thornton, Westminster, and more

Doulas of Denver know that pregnancy can be both an exciting and anxious time, and doulas provide care that is supportive and educational. Run by Krystal, a registered nurse, Doulas of Denver is the area’s premier doula agency and gives clients the best experience with the most optimal choices for doula and postpartum care. Clients are matched with doulas who are certified, insured, and compassionate. Doulas offer unbiased care, without judgment, providing support and encouragement for new parents. Doulas of Denver strives to help families feel confident and supported, providing care in collaboration with each patient’s physician. 

Happy parents smile while cradling their smiling newborn baby against their chests while standing

Denver Born Doulas

Serving the Denver area

Denver Born Doulas is a group of doulas who strive to empower individuals and families as they go through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. They bring knowledge and guidance to the experience, providing emotional support and encouragement to families. During pregnancy, doulas meet with couples to discuss a labor plan, educate couples on labor and childbirth, share resources on prenatal nutrition and pregnancy health, teach labor comfort measures and positions, and provide on-call care.

During labor and delivery, doulas provide continuous physical and emotional support to couples. They can provide comfort techniques, get the couple food, and support the laboring mother through massage and other comfort measures. Denver Born Doulas also offers meal preparation and parties, which are great gifts for expectant and new parents!

Belly Bliss

300 Josephine Street #230, Denver, CO 80206

Belly Bliss provides comprehensive wellness services such as prenatal massage, prenatal acupuncture, prenatal chiropractic, lactation consultation, prenatal and postpartum yoga, childbirth preparation, parenting classes, and much more. These Denver birth doulas take care of the laboring person with emotional and physical support during labor and delivery. They can increase confidence levels, alleviate anxiety, help the labor support person, and provide comfort measures for the laboring person. Belly Bliss offers a free monthly Meet The Doulas event, where potential clients can find out more about what a doula does and how they can help support them. There is also a question-and-answer time and an opportunity to mingle with the doulas at Belly Bliss. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a grey swaddle with a hand sticking out thanks to denver doulas

Colorado Birth and Wellness

8111 East Lowry Boulevard, Suite 230, Denver, CO 80230

Colorado Birth and Wellness aims to equip clients with as many tools as possible to make labor and delivery a positive experience. The team offers doulas that support and empower Denver families with non-medical physical, emotional, and informational support during childbirth and postpartum. The doula team has extensive experience with hypnobirthing techniques as well. These doulas provide resources and education that encompass prenatal support. One-on-one consultations are a big part of doula care, and the doula will work with each couple to form a birth plan and support them throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. 

Baby Mama Co. 

Serving the Denver-metro area

Baby Mama Co. provides birth doula support in addition to Denver parenting classes and postpartum care. Birth doulas support families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery through continuous emotional and physical support. Birth doulas are experienced in providing reassurance, encouragement, and a calming presence during stressful and challenging times. They educate families in making medical decisions that work for their family.

Comfort measures during labor include breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, massage, and positioning. Birth doulas can provide a birth ball, peanut ball, birth bar, or Rebozo. Birth doulas collaborate with a patient’s regular physician to facilitate communication and birth plans. After delivery, the birth doula is on-call for the family, helping them bond with the baby, providing food if needed, and continuing to support families as they make medical decisions for their new baby.

You Will Love The Support Of These Fabulous Denver Doulas

These doulas in Denver provide high-quality care and support for families throughout pregnancy and childbirth. A doula can help a family feel heard and empowered as they make major decisions for their new baby. Doulas provide continuous emotional and physical support that can enable families to have positive birthing experiences. 

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