COVID 19 Policies for Newborn Sessions

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy?! I know my family is going a bit stir crazy but we all seem to be getting along still for the most part so that’s a plus!! : )

I am very excited to think I will be getting back into the studio and start seeing and photographing babies again. Saying that though there will be some new policies/procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. Many of these things I was already doing but will be adding some extra precautions as we ease back into work and what our new normal will look like for awhile.

I am a VERY low traffic photographer, my studio is not in my home and is a brick and mortar space. The only people in my studio are myself and clients. Moving forward sessions will be spaced with at least 48 hours between sessions. The studio will be cleaned/sterilized and all props will be washed and sanitized between sessions. I will not be allowing outside props during this time.

Upon arrival I will be asking all clients to wash their hands as well as myself. I will be wearing a mask during your session and sanitizing hands even more than I did before all of this. Only immediate family will be allowed for sessions and if siblings will be involved I will be asking that someone bring them when we are ready towards the end of the session to reduce the amount of extra people at the studio and allow for proper social distancing.

I know these have been some very scary times, with lots of anxiety for a lot of people but I want to assure my new parents I will be taking every precaution with your little one. I can’t wait to get back into the studio and documents these first few weeks for you.

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  1. Nicole

    Christina, again, I can’t thank you enough! There was so much about this third pregnancy that was so hard and so much that we missed out on. This was the one thing I truly needed and after having a delivery that was almost an emergency C-section and a whirlwind of emotions ….we had no photos of the birth. I’m so grateful our family has these beautiful pictures of our son and I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for the beautiful seamless experience you always create. Thank you for taking the extra protocols! My hope is that anyone that sees these pictures only sees beauty and what you have given my family that are once in a lifetime memories. For anyone who has judgement…shame on them! I hope you continue to offer all the families out there the one of a kind experience in a safe environment. Now more than ever we need joy and gratitude. We will never make everyone happy but that’s not ours to carry. If there is anything other than beauty and wonder that comes up for them…it’s on them. Blessings and Love! 

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