A newborn baby sleeps peacefully in a small wooden crib, swaddled in a soft gray blanket while holding a tiny stuffed animal. The crib, from The Mama Hood in Denver, is placed on a wooden floor, adding a rustic touch to the serene scene cherished by new parents. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

The Mama Hood Denver: A Haven for New Parents in Denver

If you’re a new parent in the Denver area, be sure to visit The Mama Hood Denver, a one-stop destination where families can find all kinds of support for their parenting journey. From educational classes to breast pump rentals to meetings with lactation consultants to support groups, this is a place where parents of all backgrounds and stories can feel safe, supported, and cared for. 

About The Mama Hood Denver

3020 Clayton Street, Denver, CO 80205

The Mama Hood studio in Denver provides support and services for families in the area, including office consults, pump and scale rentals, donor milk supplies, breastfeeding groups, prenatal yoga, baby + me yoga, starting solids classes, and much more. With in-person and online services available, The Mama Hood offers much support to new families.

All families are welcome at The Mama Hood. This space is safe, nurturing, and supportive, with a strong community that welcomes all types of families. This is a great place for expectant parents to come and prepare their minds and bodies for the journey of parenthood, for their support partners to do the same, and to meet other parents and form lasting relationships with them. 

Founded in 2012, The Mama Hood was inspired by Linda Appel and Amanda Ogden, with the goal of creating a community for new moms and families that addresses all of their prenatal and postnatal needs. This company features a multi-faceted model where a modern and inviting community welcomes parents, babies, partners, and other caregivers to explore feeding their babies in whatever manner they choose. 

Happy new parents cradle their sleeping newborn baby girl in a green swaddle after meeting the mama hood denver


The core services of The Mama Hood Denver are breastfeeding support, parent and family classes, series for before and after the baby arrives, pump rentals, and donor milk. This is a place where families are all welcome, regardless of family type, composition, orientation, birthing philosophies, feeding philosophies, and ability to pay. 

Lactation consultants are available to speak with clients about their ability to breastfeed, breastfeeding after surgery, low milk supply, expecting a preemie baby, picking the correct pump size, information on infant sleep, and creating plans for feeding goals. Breastfeeding consults are available for preterm babies, PCOS, gestational diabetes, birth trauma, and everything else related to breastfeeding. 

The Mama Hood also offers sleep consultations for Denver families who want to work one-on-one with a coach to identify and develop the baby’s sleep patterns. The Mama Hood approach to sleep is a whole-family perspective – not a focus on sleep training. Coaches help parents learn to recognize their baby’s cues and create a sleep plan that is developmentally appropriate and works within their family’s routine. Consultations for moms of twins or triplets are also available. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a blue swaddle holding a stuffed dog in a wooden bed after visiting the mama hood denver


The Mama Hood Denver also provides breast pump rentals. Renting a pump can be useful for a number of reasons, including returning to work, making bottle feeding possible for a spouse or other caregiver, pumping to relieve oversupply or to donate milk, or pumping to deal with poor latch. All pumps are hospital-grade and available for rental daily, weekly, or monthly. 

In addition, families can also rent an infant scale. A scale is helpful for breastfeeding moms to know how much milk their baby is taking in during each feeding. Scales can also help monitor weight gain in the early days, weeks, and months between pediatrician visits. All scales are hospital-grade to ensure accuracy. 

The Mama Hood offers classes both in person and online. Topics include starting solids, pumping, going back to work, childbirth education, newborn care, and breastfeeding basics. Because classes can be in person or online, they are convenient for all families’ schedules. 

Step Into Motherhood Confidently With The Mama Hood Denver On Your Team

The Mama Hood Denver strives to support and empower all families, regardless of background. They specialize in providing support for breastfeeding families through educational classes, support groups, consultations with lactation specialists, donor milk distribution, and pump and scale rentals. This one-stop supportive destination can help set up Denver families for a successful parenthood journey. 

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