A newborn baby wrapped in a soft blue blanket sleeps peacefully in a small wooden bed against a wooden background. Capturing moments of pure serenity, the baby holds a tiny stuffed animal, also wrapped in part of the blanket, adding a cozy touch to this perfect example of newborn photography. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

6 Adorable Outfits for Newborn Photoshoots

Capturing the first few weeks of a newborn’s life is a momentous occasion for any parent. With newborn photography becoming increasingly popular, picking the perfect outfit for your baby’s photoshoot is crucial for creating timeless images. From whimsical to classic, here are six adorable outfits to consider for your newborn’s next photoshoot.

Timeless Classics

When it comes to newborn photography outfits, classic styles are always a good choice. Think simple, soft, and elegant. White or pastel onesies, tiny knitted cardigans, or delicate lace wraps are ideal. A petite pearl headband or a small bonnet to complete the look.

Newborn in white bear hat sleeping peacefully.

Vintage Vibes

For a touch of nostalgia, why not dress your newborn in a vintage-inspired outfit? Look for rompers or gowns with heirloom embroidery or retro patterns. Accessorize with a classic cap for boys or a flower-adorned headband for girls to give the photos a timeless feel.

During a newborn photography photo session, a sleeping newborn baby rests on a soft pink blanket with their head supported by their hands. The delicate floral headband adorned with fabric flowers adds an elegant touch, showcasing exceptional color usage in this serene scene. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Nature-Inspired Ensembles

Nature-themed outfits can add an enchanting element to your newborn’s photoshoot. Outfits with floral prints, animal motifs, or earthy tones blend seamlessly with outdoor settings or props like nests and wooden baskets. A little crochet bear hat or a floral swaddle could be perfect for your little one’s nature-inspired look.

A sleeping newborn baby is wrapped in a brown knit blanket and wearing a matching brown bonnet. The baby is nestled in a fluffy, textured brown backdrop, surrounded by soft, earthy-colored layers, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Whimsical Wonders

If you want something more playful, whimsical outfits can add a fun twist to your baby’s photoshoot. These outfits are adorable and reflect the dreams and imagination that come with new life.

A newborn baby sleeps peacefully on a blue blanket. The baby is dressed in a floral patterned outfit with pink and gray tones, and has a gray flower headband on its head. The image, showcasing the gentle art of newborn photography, was posted after a long time spent capturing this serene moment. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Cozy Knits

Knit outfits are comfortable for your little one and add a cozy texture to photos. A chunky knit cocoon or a soft, knitted onesie paired with a matching hat can make for a snug and adorable photoshoot. Choose warm, neutral colors to keep the focus on your baby’s delicate features.

A newborn baby, swaddled in a warm orange blanket, sleeps peacefully while holding a small teddy bear. The baby is lying in a wooden crib with a matching orange knitted blanket underneath, placed on a wooden floor. Orange fabric drapes around the crib—a testament to the excellence of Cherry Hills Midwifery. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Seasonal Styles

Seasonal outfits can be a delightful way to commemorate the time of year your baby was born. These can make for memorable and themed newborn photography outfits.

A serene newborn, just 12 days old, named Aria is wrapped in a beige blanket and nestled in a round, nest-like arrangement made of sticks. The setting is on a wooden floor with a soft, cream-colored fur blanket beneath the nest. The baby has a headband on and looks utterly peaceful. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Remember that comfort is critical when selecting an outfit for your newborn’s photoshoot. Soft, non-irritating fabrics and fits that allow for easy movement are essential. With these six adorable outfit ideas, your newborn’s photoshoot will undoubtedly result in beautiful, cherishable photographs that capture the essence of your little one’s early days.

Are you ready to create lasting memories with your newborn? Tell us about your favorite newborn photography outfits, and get in touch about a newborn photoshoot!

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