Where have I been…

I have been crazy busy!   I know all you parents can relate.  I thought as the kiddos got older things would get easier…well they are easier but jammed packed with activies!  So between my kiddos activites, getting ready for my sister’s wedding in MEXICO, and juggling work, down computers and losing my cell phone four times in one month I just may have lost my mind a few times this summer!!!  I think I am starting to regain some sanity at least I hope, that may depend on who you talk to i.e. the hubby!

I promise to start blogging again and thought first up I would share a few photos of my sister’s wedding which was in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!  We had a great time and pretty much spent nine hours a day in the pool with the kids.  I really should be posting the pics of our pruny hands!  I wasn’t the photographer for the wedding but was able to snag a few photos.  So hard though I think of things in Album design and I am missing huge chunks of their wedding but I am going to have to get over that.  I appreciate that she didn’t want me to be working the wedding plus I was in the wedding what can I do!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?! Oh yea…so are you Lee, love you two!

01_Getting Ready


Composite 3



6 thoughts on “Where have I been…”

  1. Jodi

    Michelle looks just stunning! (so do you, and your whole family!)

  2. Shannon Dooley

    Wow Christina, your such an awesome photagrapher. These pictures are the best, do you have anymore?

  3. Debbie

    So beautiful Christina! I LOVE the one with Owen & Lee, and Michelle is gorgeous as always!!

  4. Jen

    You do such an amazing job Christina! Great pictures of the happy couple…Michelle looks gorgeous and you looks pretty darn good yourself….

  5. Mary Green

    BEAUTIFUL pictures. Would love to have copies of some.

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