Viv, 8 days old, sleeps peacefully on their stomach with arms tucked under their head on a soft, light purple blanket. The baby has fine hair and closed eyes. The photo includes a watermark for

Viv ~ 8 days new!

Vivien breezed through this session!  She was a piece of cake, mom came, filled her belly and out she went, not even a pee or poo!  Now that is unheard of, first time for everything!  Vivien is also the new addition to one of my good friends and it was amazing to watch mom with Viv.  This is her third, last and only girl and you could just see how much she loves her and is enjoying every moment with her especially since this is their last.  On my way home from their session I just kept seeing in my mind mom gazing at Viv and actually cried thinking about how strong that bond and love is for something so new! {Lump in the throat!}

I am so thrilled for you guys and it is a complete joy for me to see your family complete!





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