A young boy with a shaved head stands shirtless against a metal structure, exuding physical power as he sports several colorful beaded necklaces. His serious expression complements his dark jeans. The bottom left corner of the image includes the text


Tonight I had a session with a little boy who has already experienced more in life than any of us have or ever will experience.  He is fighting and winning a battle with brain cancer.  His name is Zach and he is one of the strongest, courageous and sweetest boys I know.  It was hard for me not to cry tonight as it is right now when his mother put his beads of courage necklace on which represents every poke, treatment or scan that he has had in just the last year, every bead has a story.  {tears}  Thank you so much for the opportunity to document this success story for you guys I can’t even imagine what this last year has been like for all of you.  And Congratulations to Zach for beating Cancer!

And Olivia what a doll, isn’t she beautiful?!   She adored these tutus and was the perfect little model for me.  She is such a character and makes me laugh when I think of all her poses tonight.

Here is your sneak peek and there are sooooo many more amazing pictures to come.







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