Newborn Lucy sleeps peacefully on her side, hands folded under her cheek, lying on a soft, chunky knit gray blanket. The background is out of focus, emphasizing baby Lucy's serene expression and the squishy texture of the blanket. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Squishy Baby Lucy

Six and half pounds of squish on this baby!  She was so stinkin cute and had the most delicate features and perfect cheeks.  She was a squirming one too, I would get her into her pose and she would squirm right out the second I picked up my camera but all her cuteness made up for the extra work.  As a mom myself the close ups, details, and profile photos of newborns are my favorite!  Newborns lose these features so quickly as they start to fill out, each time I complete an image gallery for my new parents I am happy for them and so sad I don’t have images like this of my own children.  Could be why I am so passionate about newborn photography.  If I could go back and do it all over these are the portraits I would not have missed out on getting.  Don’t get me wrong I have photos but not like these images.


Sleeping baby portrait

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