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Small World

So Beth (mom) works in design and in fact has her own design firm called Kreimer Design, check it out, and was referred to me from a previous client. While we were discussing possibly setting up a session she happen to be working on an ad shoot with Brian Mark Photography who I used to work for back in the day when I worked in Advertising Photography, another little fact most people don’t realize about me!  I really should get that “About Me” page done, HA! Brian told her we probably knew each other because we had worked together a lot on several projects in the past but neither of us could quite put it together until we met up for her family session. We both got out of ours cars and I think we were almost in shock because we had in fact worked together a lot with Brian. So from a referral and then to be working with Brian and then meeting up for her family session, crazy how small the world really is!

Well, neither of us had children or were even expecting the last time we saw each other so it was so much fun to see her again and meet her adorable family.  Her son reminds me of my son full of energy and her daughter how cute is she with her missing front tooth, in fact she lost it the day before the shoot so it was a bit of a shock to mom!

Alright ready here we go hope you enjoy!







And don’t forget if you are still in need for Holiday Photo’s there still is time!  I am having Mini Sessions (45 min for up to four people) in the Studio November 13th.  Limited Availability so act quick!  If interested you can call me at 303.808.8763 or contact me by email at [email protected].


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