Colorado Newborn Photographers-Logo Design on Coffee Mug

My New Photography Logo and Brand Design!!

So excited…I finally bit the bullet and hired a designer to put my photography branding together and can’t wait to see everything printed!  I wanted a design that felt high end, glamorous but still felt welcoming.   I LOVE mid century and always go back to mid century but was worried about using some of my favorite colors that it would look retro, which I know is not everyones taste.  I think Angela at Saffron Avenue nailed it!  I LOVE LOVE everything and can’t wait to start updating my packaging, cards, and website for all my newborn, baby and family clients.  Which will take me a little time.  I’ll probably end up hiring Angela again to redesign my website after spending hours and hours trying to do it myself!!   🙂  Diggin the coffee mug, this may have to be a new accessory at the denver studio.  Thank you Angela!! Color Inspiration for logo design for Christina Dooley Photography by Saffron AvenueChristina Dooley Photography's Mid Century Logo Design Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography's Thank you cards, Business Cards, and StickersColorado Newborn Photographers-Logo Design on Coffee Mug

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  1. The new design is outstanding! It is professional, but also glamorous with a hint of playfulness to it. The new color palette and the resulting color combinations make your design really stand out.

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