A newborn baby, with adorable rolls on their delicate skin, sleeps peacefully on a purple textured blanket. Lying on their side with tiny hands near their face, the unclothed infant radiates serenity. The image is credited to Christina Dooley Photography, with her logo in the top right corner. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Newborn Rolls

Thought I would finally try and put something up here on the blog since it’s been oh a month!!  Yep and this isn’t even the most current but I loved this session and wanted to finally share a handful of the images, there are so many more but most get back to editing. {even though it’s 11:17pm and most people are curled up in their warm beds by now, only a couple more weeks to go!}

Stella….and all her cuteness!!

Sleepy Newborn Portrait Session

Baby Hand Photos

Denver Baby Photographer

Newborn Wrinkles

Denver Newborn in Basket



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