Newborn poop stains how to get them out!

How to clean newborn poop stains from a Newborn Photographer

My family and I always joke around about how on nearly a daily basis I am dealing with poop! Yep, you heard that right…every newborn photography session I come home with bags of laundry, then I have my own family and the dreaded litter box!! I started to joke around how I should do a blog post on how to clean newborn poop since I deal with it so much during and after my newborn photo sessions. Then I started thinking I really should do a post on how to clean those pesky baby blow outs. Newborn poop is toxic it will stain and is a pain to clean but once armed with the right method and products easy peasy.

How to Clean baby poop:

First things first if you can rinse with cold water as soon as possible not hot water, hot water can set the stain even further. Next, here it is the weapon against newborn poo, Fels Naptha, a laundry bar soap from the ’20’s! Best stuff ever, I use it on every kind of stain now, amazing on grass stains. Wet the stain and then rub with the bar soap you will actually see the stain start to come right out. Then rub the material together to really get the suds into the fabric and rinse, you will be amazed! Sometimes you will have to do this a couple times to get all of the stain out but it’s worth the work. I will do one last rub with the bar soap when the stain is nearly out but barely rinse or don’t rinse at all. At this point throw your item into the washer and wash as you normally would.

Now if you have poop stains on white, which I use in the studio all the time, blankets, burp clothes, cloth diapers, you can use this same process and then if the stain doesn’t come out completely I will use Clorox Cleaner with bleach spray and spray onto the cloth and you are back to white no more newborn poop stains.

I use white in the photo studio all the time because I can easily get it back to looking like new. There are tons of cute burp clothes and blankets out there but that newborn poop is disastrous and will try to ruin anything cute.

Go purchase Fels Naptha from Amazon, here, you will find yourself using it on all sorts of stains, you won’t regret it.

And I can’t leave without posting some cute newborn photos! I’ll put a permanent link to the Fels Naptha in my new parents page of the website.

Photo of newborn girl in froggy pose
Newborn Photography of baby girl in a purple outfit on purple in tushie pose
Close Up Photo of baby girl.
Newborn photos of baby girls profile and her baby cheeks.
Portrait of baby girl on a cloud of blue
Newborn swaddled in teal photographed in a little baby bed.
First family Portrait with new baby girl.
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One of my favorite newborn sessions!

Another newborn photography session coming your way, I’m trying to be better!  He is one of the cutest babies, so stinking adorable and I’m a sucker when they have so much hair!!  The colors of his Denver newborn session are beautiful and I always love moodiness/shadows in images it creates so much depth and interest, at least I think.   Love, love the little wooden bed, I use it nearly every newborn session from The Original Photoblocks.  If you like this session don’t leave without checking out my newborn gallery for more baby photos.

Baby boy photographed on blue in froggy pose by denver newborn photographers, Christina Dooley PhotographyNewborn photographed on blue sleeping with a ton of dark hairNewborn baby boy on gray with a gray sleep hat posed in bum up pose in Denver, ColoradoBaby boy sleeping all swaddled upBaby with a ton of hair posed on brown in the womb pose at christina dooley photography studio in Denver, ColoradoProfile image of baby boy posed in a bowl on a rustic wood backgroundNewborn Photographer of Denver photographs baby boy swaddled with toes peeking out on blueNewborn snuggled in a wooden bed from the original photoblocks on a wood floorClose up photo of newborn boy wrapped in green holding a brown teddy bearFirst Portrait of two brothers on gray at just 10 days old in Denver, Colorado

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