A newborn baby boy peacefully sleeps on a soft blue blanket, wrapped in a cozy blue knit swaddle and wearing a matching knit bonnet. The baby's hands are tucked under their face, adding to the squishiness of his serene expression. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Newborn Boy and all his squishiness!

LOVED his newborn photos!!  I want to show you all of them but that would go on forever so I snapped a shot of his gallery and added it to this post.  I have never shown a full gallery before here on my blog and it dawned on me clients should see what they can expect from their newborn photographer, not just our favorite images.  Every newborn session I try so hard to give my clients variety, not just several photos of the same pose or on the same background.  My goal is variety of images, along with refined and perfected posing and of course quality.  Never feel bad asking a photographer to see an entire gallery, I am going to make it more of a habit to include snapshots of the newborn galleries I give my new parents.Fresh baby boy photographed on blue posed in the taco pose.  Props from Prop Cartel and JD Vintage Props. Baby boy sleeping on blue with hands under chin. Newborn profile photo of baby wearing knitted hat from purl lamb Newborn posed in butt up pose on gray with pants from made from Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver. Baby boy photographed on gray with gray wrap in the side lying pose. Newborn boy posed on green flokati from JD Vintage Props with beautiful dramatic light. Baby all tucked in on light blue flokati and little stuffy Profile photo of baby boy during his newborn photo session in Denver, Colorado. Baby photo smiling while sleeping and posed in a vintage box on wood floors in Denver, Colorado at Christina Dooley Photography's studio Newborn boy with his parents for families first photo together. Newborn Photo Session complete gallery of poses from Christina Dooley Photography in Denver, Colorado

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