A sleeping baby is swaddled in a light beige blanket, lying on a soft, speckled beige surface. The baby has a calm and peaceful expression, with eyes closed and hands gently resting near the face. This serene newborn photo session by Christina Dooley offers a sneak peek into a moment of pure tranquility. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Newborn Photo Session and Sneak Peeks

I have decided that I am going to back to the old school way of doing sneak peeks.  A lot of people are leaving social media these days, where I have been doing my sneaks, and this will also help me to be better at posting on my blog.  The hardest thing is trying to only show a few, it’s so hard to pick out which photos to share for sneaks.

First up baby Jack at 13 days new.  I love his little face such a cutie!  He however knew what he wanted and that was to be swaddled so we swaddled yesterday.  Newborn wrapped in a cream wrap in the womb pose on a pebble tan background Newborn Baby in the potato sack pose wrapped in teal on a teal background in Denver Colorado Newborn wrapped in and place in a baby bed wearing the cutest bear hat by Moknmba baby Props and more. Black and White image of a family with their new baby boy.

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