Maddox ~ 5 days new

Ok I know I have been a huge slacker with my blog for the last month!!  I had a fabulously busy holiday season and to be honest it has been hard getting back into the swing of things.  But I promise I am now back to posting!  I have a few sessions that I will be posting that haven’t gotten up yet so keep a look out!

I LOVE THIS GUY!!!  He was amazing, nearly slept through the entire session!  Not to mention he is stinkin cute!!  I love it when mom and dad can make it down to the studio at five days the possibilities with them are endless!

Enjoy guys I truly had a great time with you two and meeting Maddox.  I can tell you guys are going to be amazing parents.








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  1. Michelle

    The first one is adorable!!! 5 days! Wow!

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