Can I do this, two blog posts in one day?!?!  I am trying hard to get everyone on the blog!

For this session I actually went out to the families house in Niwot, can you believe this is their backyard?!  I was a bit nervous, I usually like to choose my locations to make sure the direction of light is good but when I showed up  I was ecstatic couldn’t be any better really!  And these children’s faces are just to precious they all have so much soul in their expressions! The twin girls look like porcelain dolls to me, absolutely perfect!  I really can’t say enough the location, kids, and light were gorgeous!  I think I have used enough exclamation points now so I will just show you the images, I can be a bit animated!!!!!!!!

Ok, don’t get to lost in these eyes!









Oh, and don’t forget I mentioned it in the last post but I have a couple slots left for the Mini Studio Sessions on November 13th, yes this Saturday!  So if you are still in need for Holiday photo’s give me a call 303.808.8763 or email me at


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  1. Eva Keeling

    I just love your photography. Your awsome no mater what your shooting! Just love it!

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