Little Man

This little guy wasn’t even one yet when we had his session, almost, and looks like such a little man to me especially in his serious photos.  I can see him grown up walking Wall Street in his suit and very hip briefcase!   I really need to start taking some video at my sessions because this little guy had some moves.  He can’t walk yet but he sure can dance it was hysterical!  This is a great age to photograph your baby when they are not walking yet but have so much personality.  Mom and Dad did get a bit of workout on some of our shots he sure can crawl fast.   If you are thinking about Custom Photography in the first year of your babies life and want to choose one age I would suggest between 6-8 months before your baby is crawling.

Enjoy…and Happy Birthday Nolan!!

Baby Photographer

the boys always get the eye lashes!

Baby Photographer Denver

Baby Photographer DenverBaby Photographer Denver

Baby Photographer Denver

Baby Photographer Denver

Baby Photographer Denver


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  1. Wow,little guy is so handsome.Beautiful pics.

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