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Kyle 6 days new

So it has been forever since I have made a blog post it’s amazing how busy life can become.  I keep telling myself I need to get used to the new normal however it’s been eight years of the new normal and I still feel like I am trying to get used to it, someday maybe.  If you really want to follow my most current work which is a TON of adorable newborns hop on over to my Facebook business page here.  I am so much better at posting on Facebook, it’s faster to be honest.

I am going to try and get caught up with the blog and get as many sessions as possible up here in the next few weeks.  On another note my year is almost booked.  I have two sessions available for October and four for November, then I will be booking into January of 2013.  I already have newborns on the calendar in February so it’s not soon to book!  You can contact me at for more information.

Now onto the photos I know that’s why your really here!!!  Kyle at six days new for his photo session.

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