These Kids just make me Smile

These two were just wonderful and so easy.  Adam was dreading this photography session, so I heard from his mother but I think in the end he had fun and realized it really isn’t so bad having your portraits taken.  And Katie, this was her day to shine.  In fact at the end of the session there was one dress that we didn’t use that she really wanted to be photographed in but we just didn’t have enough sunlight left so I suggested she come back the next night to have her own special session with her dress.  And you know, Katie was absolutely right my favorite images of her are from her own personal session.  And the sunset was sooooo much better the next night.  We really didn’t have much of a sunset the night before the sun was swallowed up by the clouds and well a location session just isn’t a session without some gorgeous natural light which we got the next night!!


The Black and White Photo reminds of Abercrombie...

How can this image not make you smile...
I'm in Love with these two images...


2 thoughts on “These Kids just make me Smile”

  1. Joanna Hangland

    Love these! Thanks for capturing my kids so beautifully. It was so fun for all of us!

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