A black-and-white photo of 15-day-old Jackson sleeping in a woven basket. The newborn is snuggled against a soft, chunky knit blanket with decorative tassels hanging over the basket's edge. The image has

Jackson…15 days old!

Oh my goodness I have so many sessions to blog but I am going to start with Jackson!  Lately I have been doing a lot of color images but I decided to throw in some BW.  I love BW, there is just something about the timelessness of them.

Jackson was right on the edge for a newborn shoot I usually say between 5-10 days.  He was alert most of the session but we did manage to get a few sleepy baby shots for the new parents!  Jackson’s dad actually grew up and went to the same HS as I did in Alaska!  He found me on Facebook, so cool! We didn’t know each other well just actually knew of each other very cool to reconnect with someone from home!  He has the most adorable little daughter and gorgeous wife, it was a pleasure to reconnect and to meet your family!  Congratulations to you all!

And now some pics…





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