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High School Seniors…trying something new this year!

I know most people know me as a Newborn and Children’s photographer but I also LOVE photographing high school seniors.  In fact deep down I know I should be photographing seniors I feel so excited, happy and just giddy after their shoots.  I love seeing the girls happy, beaming with pride and feeling so beautiful and leaving with a new sense of confidence.  I am hoping to put myself out there more this year as a High School Senior Photographer.   Remember a High School Senior session isn’t just about getting a head shot for the yearbook but capturing the transformation from mom and dad’s little girl to the beautiful women they are inside and out!  As these girls step out into the world on their own I really believe a session like this boosts their confidence.  Plan on seeing more here at Christina Dooley Photography!

graduating class of 2013 denver coloradoLaughing High School Senior PortraitsHigh School Senior portraits at the Taxi Building in DenverPortraits just before sunset Denver ColoradoHS Senior Photos DenverRed Lips Denver Colorado

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