A newborn baby is peacefully sleeping in a curled-up position with their head resting on their hands, as if ready to say hello to the world. The baby is placed on a soft, brown, textured blanket, creating a cozy and warm environment. The background is dark, highlighting the baby's serene expression. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.


Sweet little newborn baby boy.  He was a squishy, sleepy little babe for his photography session.

Baby boy photographed on Brown in Froggy Pose Newborn photographed as he sleeps in Denver Colorado in chin on hands pose. Newborn Photography of baby boy on gray wearing a gray sleep hat Newborn baby photographed in blue in womb pose Newborn Photography of baby boy in womb pose in gray in a gray wire basket Best Newborn Photography of Denver little baby photographed on blue fur Baby photographed holding a puppy doll and wrapped in green First family portrait of new family of three with their newborn baby New parent portraits with new baby boy

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