Last weekend I had my Mommy Me Mini Sessions and got to meet some great mothers and their children. I thought I would share one of the mini sessions today.   I have a soft spot for babies with chubby cheeks, LOVE THEM!!  She was so happy and content and I couldn’t resist snapping a few of just her as well.  I’m thinking a new Canvas in the Studio, mmmmm….!  The only thing I wish is that I had a recording to go along with this post!  She was talking the whole time and it was the cutest little baby ramblings ever and of course only she knew what she was talking about!  Makes me smile just thinking about her ramblings and giggles.

Ok, ok I’ll stop rambling myself here are a few pics, I really had to work hard not to post more!






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  1. priscilla

    adorable!!! Mari is precious!!!

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