A collage of three photos featuring a young girl with long, dark hair and a fringe. In the top left, she stands wearing a colorful dress. In the top right, she smiles close up. At the bottom, she sits on a yellow chair in a blue and white dress. Happy Birthday, Zoe! Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Happy Birthday Zoe!

I last photographed Zoe with her sister Mia back in March.  I had the pleasure of photographing her again for her fifth birhtday.  The clouds were omniscence the day of her shoot and we weren’t sure we were going to make it before the rain came but decided to go for it.  I was so excited because her mom was willing to drive out to the praire for their shoot to get something a little different so they had a bit of a drive.  I love shooting out in the Praire there are so many farms and old buildings to shoot at that just add that little bit of depth and texture that I like to see in photographs.

Zoe is awesome she is such a character, on this particular day we had to be very careful of her bobo on her left knee, she quickly let us know she couldn’t walk or bend it!  If she did walk her leg remained very straight!  When you are a model you call the shots!  Ok, Happy Birthday Zoe I enjoyed our time and LOVE your photographs.  If you LOVE them as much as I do then feel free to leave a comment!

Composite 1


Composite 2


2Composite 4


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