A smiling baby named Archer sits naked on a small, worn yellow chair with their legs drawn up, looking back over their shoulder. The background is a soft teal with a subtle diamond pattern. The watermark reads

Happy Birthday Archer!

Look at this little cutie, how could you go wrong with such a cutie, LOVE HIM!!  Archer just had  his 1 birthday on Sunday and was such a happy baby!! Happy Birthday Archer and Congrats to Mom and Dad!  The one year birthday is a mile stone for both parents and child I think! This little man was so content and happy as you can see we were actually able to do a few different sets which honestly doesn’t always happen at this age! Such an adorable family and so easy to get along with I just adored them and their style! Mom brought the best clothes along as well,  I wish we could have shot even more with all the options she brought! Enjoy your sneak!!!







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