A toddler with blue eyes wears a pink and white knit hat with braided tassels. She has a solemn expression and brown hair peeking out from under the hat. The image, reminiscent of a quiet girls' night, is labeled

Girls Night

On Friday we had a bit of a girls night out at the studio!  Mia, Zoe their mother Lynette and I all played a bit of dress up!  Mia just turned two and like all two year olds was very clear on what she wanted and didn’t want.  Most of the time she didn’t want to be on my set!!  But as you can see we still got the shots and there are many more adorable pictures of her!  She has the face of a porcelain doll, don’t you think?  She reminded me of my daughter some at this age with the chipmunk cheeks and her lips squeezed between them… so stinkin cute!  And don’t you love those baby leg warmers?  I was so thrilled when she decided it was ok to put them on, LOVE THEM!  I purchased several of them and I am very excited to use them on future sessions!  If you want your own pair you can purchase them HERE from Baby Legs.

Happy Birthday Mia!!  And thank you Zoe for being such a big sister helper!





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