A newborn baby named Mila, wrapped in a dark purple blanket, is sleeping peacefully while holding a small heart-shaped object. Two adults' hands gently cradle Baby Mila and the object, symbolizing the miracle of new life. The background is a matching purple fabric. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Miracles do happen and Baby Mila is just that…a Miracle

The other day I had the privilege to be apart of something that I will never forget.  Baby Mila is a “Rainbow Baby”, in my industry that means Mila is the hope at the end of the storm.  Mom and Dad have been waiting for Mila for 6 years and after several miscarriages and heartache Mila has arrived.  I am absolutely honored mom and dad chose me to photograph Mila  and to also include the memory of her sister who was lost at 19 weeks of pregnancy.   Now comes one of the most amazing experiences I have had and was so honored to share with mom and dad.  We placed baby sister, Georgeanna on Mila with her hand over the heart that she now rests in and then mom and dad did the same.  The second I brought my camera to my eye Mila began to smile not just for a split second but for several frames.  Gives me goose bumps now even thinking of it, there was a higher power involved I swear of it.  Mila wasn’t smiling constantly during her session in fact she gave me a run for my money but the moment her sister was placed on her and mom and dad’s hands were there there was an immediate peace in the room and Mila just beamed.  I asked mom and dad “did you see that?”  there was complete silence and I pulled down my camera and they were crying, I cried with them it was a moment I really can’t even explain but Georgeanna was present I know she was there with us for that moment.  Mom and Dad congratulations and thank you for sharing your story, Mila and Georgeanna with me.  Enjoy your sneak….Rainbow baby girl cupping the silver heart her sister now rest in with mom and dad holding baby girl and heart as well.  Newborn Girl photographed swaddled in a wine colored wrap and tie back made from Ivy and Nell on a wine closed Luneberry Flokati Baby girl photographed with a tiny knit rainbow placed over her heart to symbolize the fact she is a rainbow baby. Red Headed newborn photographed wrapped in yellow in Denver, Colorado Baby girl photographed on purple in the froggy pose

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