A newborn baby sleeps peacefully on a green, textured blanket. The baby, with light hair, is swaddled in a green knit wrap, one arm tucked under its head. Showing off its serene beauty, the image has a soft feel. The name

This is me trying to be better at showing off these babies!

This little bub was possibly the hungriest newborn I have ever seen!!  I think we had a bottle in him before every pose and then popped it out to photograph him!!  I am convinced he will be 20lbs around 9months and I am hoping mom and dad bring him back for a sitter session so I can see him again.  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this green color!!  Can you believe I have had this background for two years and never used it?!!  I had to stop myself from sharing to much, this blog post could go on forever he had so many beautiful images in his newborn gallery.Baby boy in womb pose on green with a green knit blanket wrapped around him Two photos of newborn boy in a green bonnet one close up and one image pulled back to show him curled up and wrapped in a green. Newborn in a cream brown striped knit romper posed on his back on a cream background. Newborn baby boy tucked in gray fluff with his little hand peeking out wearing a gray bonnet Profile photo of newborn boy posed on gray wearing a knit gray bonnet Fresh new baby toes wrapped in blue

Baby boy wrapped in a blue stretchy wrapped posed on a blue flokati. Newborn pull back photo of baby boy swaddled in a blue wrap posed on a blue float Baby Boy posed in a bowl for his newborn photos beautifully styled with burlap on a wood floor

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