Newborn photographer captures a baby peacefully sleeping on a soft, light pink blanket, with the head resting on folded arms and wearing a knitted, light pink hat. The background is a matching light pink. Text on the photo reads

I LOVE my job as a newborn photographer

I confess I am the WORST, I will say it again the WORST blogger!!!  I am not even going to say I will turn over a new leaf for 2016, I just don’t know if that would really ever happen.  Let’s just say I will try that way I don’t really fail right?!!  LOTS and LOTS of babies, best job ever!  I have been giddy with all the newborns, I can actually say I am now 90% all newborns and I am LOVIN it!!  Seriously, who wouldn’t love to cuddle on these newborns, get pee’d on here and there and create beautiful memories for mom and dad?!  LOVE IT!!  Baby girl in posed on peach in the newborn froggy pose Newborn Girl posed on peach Baby girl in tussle up pose on purple Colorado Newborn Photographers-0039 Newborn girl wrapped in knit stretchy raspberry colored wrapped posed on a raspberry colored flokati. Baby girl in a wire basket wrapped in a mint knit blanket wearing a mint colored tie back Side angle photo of newborn girl bundled in a large knit blanket in a wire basket Baby wrapped and posed in a vintage bowl Pull back image of newborn girl swaddled and posed in a vintage bowl

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