A fresh sleeping newborn baby, Rowan, rests with their head on their hands on a soft, beige speckled blanket. The baby is wrapped in a light, neutral-colored cloth. The background is a matching soft, neutral tone. The photo is signed

Rowan 11 days fresh…Sneak Peek

This little guy was truly a Rock Star…he did not pee or poo on me!!  Yep, that is a hazard of my job and happens 97% of all newborn photo sessions but this guy was a true gentleman!!  I really should have posted an image of his old man face because he has a good one too!  Enjoy mom and dad it was an honor meeting you two and Congratulations!!Baby boy sleeping and posed on a taupe background with a wrap over him, snug as a bug.

Baby Boy posed on blue wearing a blue knit romper from Zoe and Oliver for his newborn photo session. Baby Boy on blue with hands posed around his face for his newborn pictures in Denver, Colorado Newborn boy posed on a green flokati from JD Vintage props and swaddled in a knit green blanket from Wild Blossom Props for his baby photos. Black and White family photo with their new baby boy in Colorado

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