Class of 2011

I don’t even know where to begin, there are so many images of Sarah that are just amazing!  She  has so much personality which translated beautifully in front of the camera.  She is so energetic, happy, thankful, and truly excited for what life has to bring her.  She is in theatre now and hopes to become an actress which I have no doubt she will achieve! I had a blast and I’m pretty sure she did as well!  I could have kept shooting forever one of the problems with me, if everyone is happy I keep shooting which translates into WAY TO MANY IMAGES!

I love photographing Seniors, brings back memories for me when I was in High School. I would drag all my friends around and dress them up and photograph them in the studio and at random odd places I would find!  {You guys know who you are!}  Some things never change, now I just happen to have a business doing that exact thing, best job ever!

Thank you Sarah it was a pleasure meeting you and your father I know you are destined for great things!  Now I already warned you there were A LOT of images so this is a long post and there are still so many more!  Feel free to leave any comments I love to hear from people, gotta make sure people are actually reading this blog!







Composite 5

Composite 3

Composite 4


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