Children's Hospital and Alice 105.9 Radiothon

Yesterday Alice 105.9 Radio Station kicked off their 36 Hours for Kids Radiothon to help raise money for Children’s Hospital.  Alice is trying to raise 1 million during this Radiothon so I encourage all of you to please donate whatever you can.  If you would like to donate you can go online to Alice or by calling 1-800-458-KIDS. None of us ever want to end up at Children’s Hospital with our kids but you never know when we may need the hospital and it’s so nice to know it’s in our backyard.

On friday, Zach one of the little boys that has been featured on this blog will be telling his story on Alice.  He fought and has beat brain cancer all with the help of Children’s Hospital.  His family could not have  imagined going through all that they did without the hospital’s amazing staff. So, please listen to Alice the rest of the week and the stories that are being shared, it won’t be easy I was crying everywhere I drove yesterday!  But you feel humbled and very lucky to have such a wonderful place to take your children if that day should ever happen.  Let’s all hope not!

No blog post is complete without a picture.


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