Busy Twins!!!

Oh my goodness, these two are so crazy busy they give me a run for my money!!  Twins are bit harder to photograph given they are the same age.  When you have siblings of different ages usually the older sibling can kind of assist in bringing the younger one around even if just for a couple minutes but when they are the same age they just feed off of each other!  I love these two though they are so funny and really just want to play and have fun what kid doesn’t want that!  Mom you are my hero!!!


Ella-2Ella and Addison-3


2 thoughts on “Busy Twins!!!”

  1. Robin Thomas

    The pix are adorable! I love the one of Ella on the left- she is up to something!

  2. Nicole

    Gorgeous little twins, great job capturing their different personalities. What a challenge to photograph these two…from Proud Auntie “Tia Cole”

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