A young child with blond hair lies on a green couch, smiling and looking at the camera. The child, embodying the playful spirit of

Boys will be Boys

I will be the first to admit there was a lot of chasing of kiddos on this shoot! 🙂  These two were very busy  and curious, pretty much like all boys!  I think mom got a workout on this shoot in her heals chasing the youngest.  We would literally have him in the set and maybe get one shot and he was off and he is only 1!  I think mom and dad are going to be busy for the next 17 years!  They are adorable though, I am always so jealous of the kids flawless skin and these two are no exception and those eyes so crystal blue these two are going to be heartbreakers for sure!

Here are a few of the images to enjoy.  I can’t even call this a Sneak considering they already have their gallery!  The blog has been falling behind a bit the last few weeks as I am trying to keep up with all my shoots.  This has been a very busy and fabulous Holiday Season so far, thank you to everyone!

Speaking of Holidays there is still time!  If you are interested in Holiday Photos I am having Mini Sessions in the Studio this Saturday November 13th, I do have a couple slots open! You can contact me at 303.808.8763 or by email [email protected] if interested.







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