Baby girl in posed on peach in the newborn froggy pose

I LOVE my job as a newborn photographer

January 22, 2016

I confess I am the WORST, I will say it again the WORST blogger!!!  I am not even going to say I will turn over a new leaf for 2016, I just don’t know if that would really ever happen.  Let’s just say I will try that way I don’t really fail right?!!  LOTS and […]

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Baby girl sleeping on pick wrapped in knit blanket made from Goodnight Mouse Props

Dressed in Pink

October 1, 2015

I love my job as a newborn photographer!  Getting to meet these babies and be apart of the first days with new parents just precious.  Mom made the cutest little baby hat for her new daughter just two days before her photo session she was so excited!   I was very impressed!  Such happy parents!! 

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Fresh baby boy photographed on blue posed in the taco pose. Props from Prop Cartel and JD Vintage Props.

Newborn Boy and all his squishiness!

September 9, 2015

LOVED his newborn photos!!  I want to show you all of them but that would go on forever so I snapped a shot of his gallery and added it to this post.  I have never shown a full gallery before here on my blog and it dawned on me clients should see what they can […]

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Baby girl sleeping on purple knit blanket with a purple wrap blanket posed beautifully for her newborn photos.

Newborn Baby girl in the studio today!

August 28, 2015

GAAAAAA, she is SO cute!!!!  I absolutely LOVE her petite little chin and squishy cheeks.  Posting a quick peek of her newborn photo session today at my Denver studio for her parents.  Congratulations guys, she was a ROCK STAR!!!

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Newborn baby boy with brown knit sleep hat and brown pants

Baby Dodge…sweetest little newborn

June 24, 2015

This little man was the sweetest little newborn and so so so loved.  I could have kept him!!  It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and his parents who are also new to Colorado!  Lots of first for this family!

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Baby boy sleeping on green textured blanket

Babies,babies, and more babies…12 days new, Rocco

April 27, 2015

Look at me, look at me…trying to blog!  So many babies lately I LOVE it!  Rocco was a dream baby and such a little sleepier which makes me very happy!  I could play all day long when they sleep as well as Rocco did but I have to stop eventually so mom and dad can […]

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Newborn baby curled up on purple

Baby Liliane

March 27, 2015

I have realized I have a slight obsession with this purple background that I use with my newborn baby girls!  I have probably have a hundred different fabrics I could choose from and I always go back to this one!  Babies look so good on purple!  I have been branching out lately though, I am […]

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Baby girl wrapped in purple with a purple knit hat from goodnight mouse.

Baby Adelynn

January 20, 2015

It’s been almost three months since I last blogged, YIKES!!  Every year near the holidays I always fall off blogging.  The holiday season is so busy but that is a good thing. Now I have tons of images to show everyone!!  First up baby Adelynn, she was so tiny just barely five pounds.

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Baby Nella…7 days new

October 1, 2014

Blogging is so hard for me because I would really LOVE to show you every babies full gallery.  I have the worst time trying to figure out which pictures of these sweet newborns to show you.  She was no different and was so cuddly  and has the absolute cutest little lips and full cheeks.  I […]

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Newborn baby boy with his new big brother

Baby Cade

September 8, 2014

Last year many of my newborn clients had used some form of fertility to conceive their babies and that got me thinking how I’ve taken for granted how hard it is for some families to experience what we think is soooo natural and easy.  Their stories are touching and some hard to hear.  Listening to the […]

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