So, this is the cutest story.  While I was photographing Ryan, the little boy below I was asking him if he could have a pet what would he want.  He said he would want a Brown dog with pink spots named Brownie.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever, apparently his sister is rubbing […]

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It's a BOY!!!

Little Jacques decided to make an appearance two weeks early, making mom very happy.  We had a great day in the studio today and he is such a cutie you have to check out the cheeks!  This little guy is one happy little camper he let me put him through quite a bit today and […]

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Hello world!

I have a new look and a new blog, how exciting!  Actually not even a new blog, finally a blog.  So I am going to try my hand at this blog’n thing.  Add me to your bookmarks and check out my recent sessions and new products coming soon.

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