A young child with blue eyes is wearing a gray beanie and a white tank top, celebrating their birthday. The child has a slight smile. The text

Beau…a year older!

Many of you have already met Beau.  He is one of my kiddos on the website, in fact he is the baby that welcomes you to Christina Dooley Photography.  I first photographed Beau when he was six months old and he hammed it up for the camera, one of my favorite sessions!  Here he is today one year later at 18 months old and a very busy toddler.  Mom and Grandma were a huge help on this session as are all parents and family members who come on a toddler session.  Their attention spans are very short so they keep us on our toes!

Ok, I have to show you the pics I love this little guy he was worth all the work!




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