Denver Baby Photographer

Cooper 6 days new

I am really falling in love with Newborn Photography.  Of course I love photographing all my kids but being able to cuddle these little babies is such a huge perk of newborn photo sessions.  They make me miss when my kids were this small.  I miss the baby O’s that all newborns make with their mouths, the baby breath, yes their breath!!,  their ultra flawless skin and never walked on feet.  I must be having a moment because my youngest is going to be five on Monday, it’s shocking to me really.  I don’t even have a preschooler anymore mine are KIDS!!!   I know what you guys are thinking when’s the next one coming but we are all done so for now I enjoy every moment I get with these precious new babies I get to photograph.

and now introducing Cooper who is a whooping 6 days new…..

Denver Baby Photographer

Denver Sleepy Baby Portrait Photographer

Sleepy Curled up Newborn Portraits

Denver Happy Baby Photographer


6 thoughts on “Cooper 6 days new”

  1. Love that newborn squishyness! Beautiful little one.

  2. Debbie Marseilles

    Oh my, what a cutie! Love that last image with the little sleeping smile! So precious!

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