A newborn baby named Liliane sleeps peacefully on a purple textured blanket, positioned on her tummy with hands delicately folded under her chin. The scene is serene and tender. Image by Denver Newborn Photographer Christina Dooley Photography.

Baby Liliane

I have realized I have a slight obsession with this purple background that I use with my newborn baby girls!  I have probably have a hundred different fabrics I could choose from and I always go back to this one!  Babies look so good on purple!  I have been branching out lately though, I am forcing myself!! 🙂  Baby Liliane was a doll and those cheeks, so kissable I love them.  We snuck a few in of her brother as well who is still a baby himself at 15 months old.  Mom and dad are going to be busy!

Newborn baby curled up on purple Close up photo of newborn baby face Newborn baby smiling very close up photo Profile photo of newborn on purple wearing a purple hat made by Prop Cartel Baby detail images of hands and face Newborn posed in a bowl wrapped in pink laying on pink fur on a gray floor Newborn girl wrapped in purple in a wood bowl from JD Vintage Props Newborn baby girl smiling while posed in bowl wrapped in purple Baby brother in gray striped shorts

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