Newborn baby boy with his new big brother

Baby Cade

Last year many of my newborn clients had used some form of fertility to conceive their babies and that got me thinking how I’ve taken for granted how hard it is for some families to experience what we think is soooo natural and easy.  Their stories are touching and some hard to hear.  Listening to the stories that some of my families have gone thru to grow their family pulled at my heart strings.  I wanted to do something to pay it forward for the families that have had it harder than me and offered my services to Colorado Center for Reproductive Fertility, CCRM.  CCRM sent me the most precious family and I am honored to have met them.  Meeting them and hearing their story has made me a better person and even more appreciative of what has been so simple for me.

Newborn baby boy with his new big brotherPeacefully sleeping baby boy wearing a cozy sleep hat in a box.Newborn baby swaddled in blue in a gray crate.Close up photo of baby boy sleeping on gray.Baby boy on a fuzzy cream blanket wearing a knit sleep hat.Newborn baby profile pic on a cream colored blanketNewborn boy wrapped in blue and detail images of new baby feet and hands

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