A 6-day-old baby named Shea sleeps peacefully curled up on a soft pink blanket, wearing a delicate white headband and cloth. The image is watermarked with

as promised the rest of 6 day old baby Shea

How is everyone’s summer break going so far?  It was an adjustment for all of us for sure.  I thought I was the only one that was going to have to adjust but it was clear from day one the siblings had to get used to spending so much time together again!!  After about three days the storm calmed and I think we are moving forward now that we have all figured out we still have 60 plus days left of summer and we all need to get along!  I am optimistic the fighting amongst the two will be minimal now, I will keep you posted.

As promised I thought I would add some more from Shea’s newborn session, you can view her other photos here.  I have had three newborn sessions since Shea’s and two more this week so there will be several newborns showing up here on the blog as well as my children’s photo sessions over the summer.  If you want to stay really current with my photography sessions hop on over to my Facebook page.  I do most of my sneaks for clients on Facebook.  FYI my June is booked except for a couple slots for newborns sessions.  For all children/family photo sessions I am now booking into July.

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