9 days & almost 9 lbs.

First I have to give huge kudos to mom for getting Marley to the studio.  Mom was actually using a walker because she had seperated her pelvis during delivery.  Marley was nine days and almost nine pounds when we met up at the studio for her session.  She was so desperately wanting to stay awake, her eyes would close but if I touched her she would jolt and open those eyes, eventually we won!  The funniest thing no matter how hard I tried to close her lips though it just wasn’t going to happen!




Composite 2

Composite 1


3 thoughts on “9 days & almost 9 lbs.”

  1. Diana Maunu

    What a beautiful baby you are Marley. Welcome to this world and our crazy family.

  2. Becky Shinnick

    Congratulations, Sara! And Welcome, beautiful Miss Marley! You are too, too cute and precious! Blessings,
    Becky Shinnick

  3. Robin Thomas

    The pix of Marley are so cute! I love Sara’s tummy too.

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