It’s been a long time since I have posted my newborn photography here!

How is everyone?  It’s been so long since I have posted my newborn photography here on my blog!  I kind of rely on Instagram anymore for my most recent newborn photos since it’s so much easier to post to than my blog.  Do people look at blogs anymore or do you just look at the galleries on photography sites when looking for newborn photographers?  Blogging is not something I have ever really enjoyed because you have to write which is not my strongest attribute.  But I am curious if people look at blogs or if they are really just a dying thing?  If you have a moment leave me a comment and let me know.  Since I am here of course I have to post those love-able newborn photos, enjoy.  She had the best cheeks and perfect lips!  And look at how proud her new big sister is, she is beaming with happiness over her new baby sister!!

Baby girl photographed in froggy pose on Teal wearing an ivory crown from Baby BlissImagery of baby girl posed in the side lying pose on teal blueNewborn Photography of infant girl posed in tussle pose on blue gray wearing a romper from Adorable PropsNewborn Photo of baby girl wrapped in a floral wrap posed in womb pose in DenverMy favorite newborn pose, baby girl sweetly wrapped in purple on a purple flokatiNewborn Baby girl photographed in Denver Studio wrapped in sage and posed in a wooden bedSisters, newborn photographed with her big sister on flokati

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OVER 100 newborns a yearSPECIALIZES IN and PHOTOGRAPHS Christina Dooley Photography