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A day in the life of Christina Dooley Photo

So I know I am not the best at adding personal updates to my blog and I am going to make an attempt to be better at that.  Today I posted this on my facebook page and thought why not add it to the blog?!  This is Delivery day in my office, I use WHCC and love them.  My office is a work in progress so excuse the blandness!  This weekend I will be painting the back wall which has a mural drawn on it right now in pencil, can’t wait to see it finished!  I will definitely be adding images of the mural soon!!

So here is my mess but I LOVE delivery day!  PS ~ this is my iphone camera so don’t judge me! 🙂

There were two seperate diliveries the image on the left is the first and the image on the right is the resulting disaster after the second delivery arrived!  I should have photographed the couch to the right as well so you could see that mess too!



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R. J. Kern - Christina, just stopped by to wish you well in the world of blogging!!! Your space looks very “you”… Keep those iPhone photos coming! And if you ever need blogging inspiration on what and how to write, check out:

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